Gain additional users

SmarterX allows simultaneous use of your dongle between PCs thus increasing productivity.

No software required

The USB version requires no software and is fully transparent to your application software.

No more missing dongles

Your dongle will always be connected to the SmarterX device.

Remote access to your dongle

A hybrid version of our NET device allows for remote access to your dongle.

What is SmarterX and why share your USB dongle?

SmarterX comes in two versions - USB and NET, the former is a hardware based solution and requires no software or driver installation on your PC.  The latter functions as a dongle server, it does not require an internet connection - the dongle is shared between PCs connected to your LAN

There are many reasons why you may want to share your dongle ranging from increased productivity to protection from losing your dongle - SmarterX solves all of these.

SmarterX is offered to everyone with a 21-days free trial.

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Using SmarterX to share your USB dongle

All SmarterX devices are extremely easy and convenient to use, our USB version has driverless technology, you simply plug & go, it does not interfere with your application software, no installation in required and it is compatible with most makes of USB dongle.

Our NET version differs in that it does not require a direct connection to each PC, instead the network (LAN) itself becomes the cable transmitting USB signals between your software and dongle. Each user simply has to install a program which will automatically search for the SmarterX device on your network and give you the option to connect.